Presenting: Everything to Know about ‘Summer House’ Season 9

Attn @ Bravoholics: With Summer House season 8 officially coming to a close tonight once the reunion airs, you may be wondering whether the hit show is slated to come back.

Enter: Us with absolutely everything you need to know about the possibility of its return, where we think cameras will pick back up should it come back, and who may (or may not...) be making their way to the Hamptons for another summer.

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Let's get into it, shall we? Starting with the most important question:

Will Summer House be coming back for season 9?

Grab a case (or two...👀) of Loverboy, because on May 9 it was announced that Summer House will indeed return for season 9!

And after this being very much the vibe once season 8 wrapped, we're anything but surprised:

And speaking of this past season...

Kk, gimme a refresh on season 8

It was truly a reality show renaissance for the ages, with newcomers West Wilson and Jesse Solomon ushering in a breath of fresh air we didn't know we needed. And yet, it couldn't all solely be about the duo's romance, obvi. Jesse had fans of the show waiting with bated breath to hear the results of testing he got around the five-year anniversary of him being cancer-free (thankfully, it all ended up being okay!).

West, for his part, caused a m-e-s-s after getting in a truly roller-coaster ride of a situationship with fellow cast member Ciara Miller.

Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke, meanwhile, dealt with some growing pains after the creative director wanted to find the time to simultaneously build something of her own, separate from the business Kyle started. Paige DeSorbo, for her part, continued to be iconic and provide us with the most *chef's kiss* one-liners ever.

As for Carl Rake and Lindsay Hubbard? The demise of their entire engagement was caught on camera in chilling detail, with the season ending after Carl apparently called producers to film the breakup with Lindsay. However, fans checked in with the girls in the wake of the split for the final moments of the season finale and Gabby Prescod proved to be the ultimate BFF. ❤️

TL;DR: There's a lot to work with for this upcoming season.

When will it debut?

Unclear, but given past iterations, we can expect Summer House season 9 to debut anywhere from early January to late February next year! Here's the track record for the past 8 seasons in case you were wondering:

  • Season 1: January 9, 2017

  • Season 2: January 22, 2018

  • Season 3: March 4, 2019

  • Season 4: February 5, 2020

  • Season 5: February 4, 2021

  • Season 6: January 17, 2022

  • Season 7: February 13, 2023

  • Season 8: February 22, 2024

Who will be coming back?

Currently, the season 8 cast is as follows: Kyle Cooke, Lindsay Hubbard, Carl Radke, Amanda Batula, Paige DeSorbo, Ciara Miller, Gabby Prescod, Jesse Solomon, and West Wilson.

Reportedly, contracts don’t go out until *after* the reunion airs, so it's unclear who's definitely set to come back. That! Said!!! The second and final part of the reunion recently aired, so hopefully we'll get more intel soon. *cue le dramatic music*

In the meantime, a number of cast members have openly talked about their future in the series. First up: Danielle Oliviera, who revealed she made a "heartbreaking decision to not return as a full time house member" with a June 2024 Instagram post. This seemingly implies that we might see her pop in from time to time, but nothing's been confirmed on that front just yet. "Ultimately, I just need to trust my gut," Danielle wrote. "If I can’t put 100% of myself into filming, genuinely and authentically, it really doesn’t feel right doing it in a full time capacity. The network, production, my cast, and especially all of you deserve that."

Then, enter: Carl Radke, who had a convo with Decider back in May and maintained he was keeping his “fingers crossed” that Bravo will bring him back for season 9. “We’ve been through so much together, I’d like to think we can figure out a way to make something happen. I think we all have interesting things going on in our lives,” he added.

“Personally, I’m single. I’m not 40 yet—I’m still in my 30s. I feel like I’m getting more confident in my own skin without hard partying but still being social and fun. I’d love to do it again if it made sense. I love my friends. I don’t know. There’s a lot to consider still, I guess. But some of it’s out of my control.”

The Summer House veteran then urged, “Trust me, I’ve been doing this for the last 10 summers—and eight with cameras—I can’t see a world where I wouldn’t do it again. But we’ll see. Fingers crossed.”

Carl's costar—and one of Lindsay's closest friends—Danielle Olivera recently shared some ~thoughts~ on the...well, on the Carl and Lindsay of it all. “I don’t know that I would wanna be in the same room with my ex-fiancé, just leave it at that,” she mused during a June 12 chat with Life & Style. “I could even hear…I’m over [my ex] Robert [Sieber], but if even the name is mentioned, I’m like, ‘And I’m out.’” Honestly? Not not wrong. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Finally, someone else who's expressed their interest in heading back out East for another season? Jesse Solomon, who said the following in a May 9 interview with Entertainment Tonight: “I hope to see everyone. Everybody is amazing. We had a blast, and I would love to do it again with all of them. Listen, I’m not the authority on engaged couples breaking up and continuing to summer in the Hamptons. But if anybody could do it, you know, they were friends before. They’ve seen each other date other people. So, hopefully, they could do it again.” Truer words!!!

Anyway! That's pretty much all we know for now, but definitely make sure to check back in for any and all updates on Summer House season 9! Now if you'll excuse me, we're gonna go ahead and stream “What Would Jesse Solomon Do?” on a loop.

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