Preschooler Shows Off Dance Moves After Being Eliminated From Musical Chairs

For four-year-old Chrislyn, being eliminated from a game of musical chairs in her Nashville, Tennessee, preschool class was not the end of the fun, but rather the beginning.

Chrislyn recorded her eye-popping dance moves on the sidelines on February 25, as her classmates continued to walk around a group of chairs until the music stopped. Diamond Gore, Chrislyn’s mother, told Storyful Chrislyn loves to dance.

“She was playing musical chairs with her classmates and lost,” she said. “So she decided to record herself dancing on the sidelines to her favorite song, The Caillou Remix!”

In a video uploaded to Twitter, Chrislyn can be seen haltingly dancing along to the beginning of the song. But after the beat drops, the preschooler gets serious, much to her teacher’s amusement. Credit: Diamond Gore via Storyful