Premier League: Burnley's clash against Fulham postponed due to coronavirus

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London [UK], January 2 (ANI): Premier League on Saturday announced that Burnley's weekend fixture against Fulham has been postponed after the latter reported a number of positive cases for the coronavirus in the latest round of tests.

"After the postponement of their match against Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday, Fulham's players and staff were immediately retested and this morning have reported a further increase in positive COVID-19 cases," Premier League said in a statement.

"Following Fulham's request to rearrange the Burnley fixture, the Premier League's Board has taken into consideration further independent medical advice and decided to postpone the match due to the exceptional circumstances of the ongoing outbreak at the club," it added.

With the health of players and staff the priority, the League and Fulham will agree a further action plan to control the outbreak to allow the club to resume their season safely. Players and staff will now be retested as part of a revised testing schedule.

This is the third game that is getting postponed due to the coronavirus in the ongoing 2020-21 season.

The United Kingdom saw 55,892 new coronavirus cases in the past day, breaking the record of 53,135 cases recorded on Tuesday, according to data published on Thursday by the Department of Health.

The emergence of a new, fast-spreading strain has forced the government to toughen restrictions for another 20 million people in parts of England, which is overwhelmingly under the highest level of curbs, called Tier 4. (ANI)