Alligator With Fish in Mouth Interrupts Golfers' Game in Florida

An alligator with a fish in its mouth interrupted a golfers’ game as it slowly made its way across a golf course in Bradenton, Florida.

Mike Murphy was on the course with a group of friends when he filmed a video that shows the alligator taking its time to walk across a fairway at Tara Golf & Country Club.

“So prehistoric,” a woman says in the video as a cart of golfers watch the gator on the grass. At the end of the video, the alligator accelerates and runs as Murphy drives the golf cart a little closer.

Murphy told Storyful that he and his friends spotted the reptile earlier in the day during their match. He filmed the video when the alligator made another appearance. “(We) had to allow a gator to cross before we could finish the hole,” Murphy wrote on his Facebook post. Credit: Mike Murphy via Storyful

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