Pregnant Woman Gets Married at Florida Hospital While in Labor: 'It All Happened So Fast'

Due to being hospitalized with RSV, Brianna Lucca-Cerezo had to be induced early, dashing her wedding plans

<p>Adventhealth</p> Brianna Lucca-Cerezo and her now-husband Louis Cerezo tie the knot at the hospital


Brianna Lucca-Cerezo and her now-husband Louis Cerezo tie the knot at the hospital

A Florida woman's perfectly planned wedding turned out to be perfectly unplanned.

Brianna Lucca-Cerezo, who was eight months pregnant at the time, found herself in the hospital one day before her wedding after becoming ill with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), according to a release from AdventHealth. Doctors at AdventHealth for Women decided to induce Lucca-Cerezo early, dashing her plans to tie the knot with her then-fiancé, Louis Cerezo.

“We had plans to get married at City Hall the next day, but the baby had other plans,” Brianna joked in the release.

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When the kind-hearted nursing team found out about the couple's dilemma, they jumped in to help.

"They brought us upstairs to labor and delivery, and the nurse is asking the regular questions like if we're married, and I told her, 'Funny story actually — we were supposed to go tomorrow to get married, but I ended up here, and now they’re going to induce me so we can't go anymore,' " Brianna recalled to FOX 35 Orlando. "And she goes, ‘Oh, well I have a chaplain here that can marry you,’ and I go, haha, a nervous laugh like, ‘OK.’ "

While Cerezo's contractions had kicked off, the hospital staff rallied together to execute an impromptu wedding ceremony for the expectant mom and Louis. They tapped the chaplain, brought in flowers from the gift shop and played “Let’s Get Married" on speakers. Luckily, Brianna had the marriage license and wedding rings stowed in her hospital bag.

"When they came in to do the ceremony, I was standing here, and they were just moving everything like in a movie set. Everyone came in together and just moving stuff out — it all happened so fast," Brianna told FOX 35 Orlando.

Nurse Gaby Pinzon ended up stepping into the role of wedding fairy godmother, solving the laboring mom's bridal fashion emergency.

“She walked in with a bunch of blankets, sheets and pillowcases and asked if she could make me a wedding dress,” Brianna said of Pinzon in the AdventHealth release. “I showed her a picture of the dress I’d ordered, and she just started cutting everything up and sewing it together with the sutures. And within 30 minutes, we had a wedding dress.”

Pinzon said she reflected on her own wedding and was determined that Brianna felt special and beautiful on her wedding day — even in labor. “I thought to myself, ‘There’s no way she’s getting married in a hospital gown. I will not let that happen,' " the nurse said in the release.

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Pinzon described the experience as "one of the highlights" of her career.

“I felt so fortunate that I even had the opportunity to be a witness at somebody's wedding at my job, but to also be the person who got to dress the bride,” she explained in the release. “That’s definitely something I’m going to carry with me.”

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Two days after the ceremony, Brianna and Louis got the ultimate wedding present: a healthy baby boy named Landon Irvin. And while the new mom said her nuptials looked "very different" than what she originally envisioned, she said she's "happy with the way it happened."

“All the nurses chipped in," she said in the release. “How everyone came together, you feel like the only patient in the whole hospital."

Brianna told FOX 35 Orlando that the couple plans to do an official wedding ceremony and reception sometime in the future — and the guest list has now grown a bit longer, as she intends to invite the staff from AdventHealth in a show of appreciation for their kindness.

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