Pregnant Sarah Herron Says It's Okay to Have Experienced Infertility and 'Hate Pregnancy': 'It's Really Hard'

"Spirits are still high," Herron said in a video posted to her Instagram Stories

<p>Sarah Herron/instagram</p> Sarah Herron

Sarah Herron/instagram

Sarah Herron

Sarah Herron is getting honest about her experience with being pregnant.

On Sunday, June 9, the former Bachelor contestant, who is currently pregnant with twins, opened up about some complicated feelings she is having while she's expecting in a few videos shared to her Instagram Stories.

Sitting down and wearing a tan tank top, Herron begins by saying that she wanted to talk about how it feels like she's "complaining a lot" during her pregnancy.

"Twin pregnancy is hard on the body. It is. Any pregnancy is hard on the body and despite complaining or posting Reels about how difficult it is sleeping, I love every minute of my pregnancy," the mom-to-be clarifies.

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<p>Sarah Herron/instagram</p> Sarah Herron

Sarah Herron/instagram

Sarah Herron

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"And I fully recognize that it is all a temporary experience and so spirits are still high. Even though I’m pretty sure I have a cracked rib right now. It’s just part of it. And it’s also okay if you’re someone who experienced infertility and hate pregnancy. Just want to say that," she continues.

In a second video, which has the words "both feelings can exist" written across it, Herron shares more about why she felt the need to comment publicly on this topic.

"The reason I wanted to say all that is because being in my position and having worked with so many women who’ve gone through infertility, I can’t tell you how many times myself or someone I’ve worked with has expressed, you know, like, ‘I would be so happy to be up all night with carpal tunnel, I’d kill to break a rib because of pregnancy, I would love to have swollen feet,' " she explains.

She adds, "And so, I always want to be mindful and respectful of wherever people are on their journey, especially when they’re viewing my content because I know how that feels. It’s like, you just want it so bad. And it is such a grateful gift to become pregnant."

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"And it’s okay if it’s really hard. And you don’t have to pretend that it’s all perfect all the time. So I just try to be respectful of whoever’s viewing this and how you interrupt [it]," Herron says, before trailing off.

Herron also shared a photo of a mirror selfie after her videos on her Instagram Stories, which highlighted her growing bump. "AND it's okay if you need to mute pregnancy accounts (including mine) for ANY reason," she wrote.

This past February, Herron confirmed that she is expecting fraternal twins. Posting photos of her sonogram on her Instagram Stories, Herron gave an update on her pregnancy journey as she wrote over the images.

"Last week, we had our 12-week scan with the babies," she began. "They are measuring exactly the same size, and their zogosity test confirmed that they are fraternal twins, which is a strong indication that both mosaic embryos implanted. (Rather than 1 embryo splitting)."

She also shared a photo of the sonogram, which featured both twin A and twin B.

Herron first announced her exciting baby news in January after a long and difficult IVF journey. The reality television star made the announcement by sharing a photo of an ultrasound alongside the text, "Appointment today went well, the babies are growing on track! Next appointment in 3 weeks. The babies look so round and chubs! Little Rolly pollies!"

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