Who Prefers Other TV Shows to ‘Sunday Night Football’?

Tony Maglio

We all miss sports, and that sentiment goes double for television executives who have paid heavily for those television rights but are no longer enjoying the ratings spoils. It is currently unclear if the coronavirus pandemic will impact the NFL season, which runs exhibition games in August and kicks off in earnest each September. If the pro pigskin gets delayed, we’ll have a new No. 1 show on TV for the first time since “American Idol” claimed that throne back in the 2010-11 season. For the past eight TV seasons, “Sunday Night Football” on NBC has been the top dog. But no National Football League games would also impact Fox (“Thursday Night Football”) and ESPN (“Monday Night Football”) in primetime, as well as Fox and CBS midday on Sundays. Also Read: Coronavirus Isolation Has Led to 8% Growth in TV Viewers - So Far As dominant as the NFL is, we found two demographics that prefer another broadcast TV series. Adults 50 and older actually watch more “NCIS” on CBS than they do “Sunday Night Football” (or any other football telecast, or any other telecast in general). Among that group, “NCIS” scores a 10.9 rating to “SNF’s” 9.5. Women 18...

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