Powerful storms hit northern Thailand killing one

Storms hit northern Thailand yesterday (March 3) causing widespread damage that killed one person and injured six.

Strong wind, hail and heavy rain moved into the region at around 6pm local time. In Phitsanulok, a pickup truck skidded off the road hitting an electricity post killing the middle-aged female passenger and injuring six others including the driver.

Trees, power lines and radio antennas were also blown over while buildings suffered damage in northern provinces including Phrae, Nakhon Sawan and Udon Thani. The storm came after the country officially entered its hot, summer period.

Footage from Tuesday (March 03) morning shows hail bombarding damaged houses school and other public properties in Udon Thani, northeastern.

More than 100 electric poles fell due to the strong wind while some 500 houses across five districts had their roofs blown away.

Resident, Phan Phromsorn, 67, said they were first hit by the rain then the hail followed by shortly after.

He said: "It started with heavy rain and strong winds that forced us to shut ourselves in the bedroom on the ground floor.

"Then I heard something hit the roof but we were afraid to go and see it. When the storm calmed down, I went upstairs to check on the roof but it was already blown away."

The Provincial Electricity Authority is now working around the clock to fix the fallen poles to return electricity to the locals.

One of the officers said: "We are working hard to return the electricity as soon as we can which we are expected to finish within two days."