Powerball jackpot grows to record $2.3 bn in US

The US Powerball jackpot grew to a mind-boggling $2.3 billion Tuesday -– the largest prize in world history -– leaving countless Americans clinging to hope of winning big.

There were no winners in Monday's drawing, Powerball USA announced on Twitter Tuesday morning, soon after a delayed drawing took place.

The drawing was postponed after a participating lottery needed more time to complete security protocols due to high demand for tickets.

Powerball tickets are sold in nearly all states -- 45 of 50 -- as well as Washington DC, the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

The last time someone claimed the Powerball jackpot was August 3, when a lucky ticket holder in Pennsylvania raked in an estimated $206.9 million.

Since then, 40 consecutive draws have produced no winner, and the Powerball jackpot has grown and grown.

The latest winnerless drawing for a prize of $1.9 billion actually came out to a final figure of $2.04 billion following massive ticket demand.

Tickets cost $2 and a winner can choose either a lump sum payment, calculated for the next drawing at $1.124 billion, or opt to be paid in installments over 29 years.

Most winners choose the lump sum payout.

The next drawing will occur Wednesday evening.