Power restored after nationwide blackout in Lebanon

After a total blackout across Lebanon, power supplies were partially restored a day later on Sunday.

The country has been paralysed by an economic and energy crisis that has only deepened as supplies of imported fuel have dried up.

Its two biggest power stations were forced to shut down on Saturday.

By that evening, the Lebanese army agreed to provide them with enough gas oil to secure power in the country for three days, according to local media.

Sunday brought a return to what was 'normal' before the power outage:

"Electricity was available for a few hours, one hour during daytime and two hours at night."

Many in the country normally rely on private generators that run on diesel, like restaurant owner Mohammed Rizk.

Though that is also in short supply.

"We are surviving, we are spending from our savings and our own reserves. After a while when our savings are over, we will not be able to continue. We cannot continue at all."

On Sunday, the country's energy ministry told importers it will issue new prices for fuel oil and natural gas on Monday, to solve distribution problems.

The energy ministry said earlier on Sunday, it received central bank approval for $100 million in credit to issue fuel import tenders for electricity generation.

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