Pottery making: An art in Gaza inherited by Palestinian Sayyid Atallah

Pottery is one of the oldest industries known in Palestine dating back to nearly 4,000 years B.C. Palestine was associated with all the civilizations and the people. Ancient pottery inscriptions and monuments, such as Byzantine and Roman, can attest to this. The 'Gaza Strip' is considered the first on the national level in the manufacture of pottery vessels. This craft is in danger of extinction because hundreds of those who inherited the profession from their parents complain of difficult living conditions. Forty-year-old craftsman, Sayed Atallah, is one of the dozens of craftsmen who have preserved this ancient legacy. He inherited a factory from his father and started working from a young age. Syed Atallah said in his interview: "I started working in this industry since childhood when we finish school we go to help my father, we have been in this industry for nearly 35 years for me." "Work is done by bringing mud from agricultural lands, so the clay is free of sand, we dry it and then we go down to a pool of water and a person cleans it and then moves it to the storage, and this process takes time. And this work takes place in the summer." "The issue of profit does not exist, because it is focused on the effort and health of the person, because it is not a production machine, this is the energy machine of the same person who works in this industry, it is not a production machine that produces as you want, the person has what he can bear and profits." The video was filmed on March 10, 2021.