Pot-banging protests erupt after Bolsonaro address

Banging pots and pans rang out across cities in Brazil on Wednesday, as President Jair Bolsonaro addressed the nation.

Some screamed out, calling for an end to his leadership.

Just days before, protesters in several cities took to the streets over his mishandling of COVID-19 and organizers from leftist political parties, unions and student associations called for his replacement in the 2022 presidential election.

Bolsonaro responded in a televised speech on Wednesday, defending his decision to avoid a nationwide lockdown.

"Our government did not force anyone to stay at home, did not close stores, did not close churches or schools, and did not take away the livelihood of millions of informal workers.”

He further touted the country’s vaccination rate, adding Brazil is the “fourth most vaccinated country on the planet.”

On Wednesday alone, Brazil logged nearly 100,000 cases and over 2,500 deaths, according to official data.