Portuguese kitesurfer crosses the Atlantic

This Portuguese man crossed the Atlantic Ocean

using only the power of kites to pull his small boat

Kitesurfer Francisco Lufinha’s 4,000-mile trip

took him from Cascais in Portugal

to the Caribbean island of Martinique

(SOUNDBITE) (English) KITESURFER, FRANCISCO LUFINHA, SAYING:"This has been a hell of a challenge. There have been some problems with water. Water getting inside the boat, inside the battery compartment. I've been having a few worries and some trouble to get it (water) out, but I'm managing. And also, some kites have exploded. I have now three standard kites, two seven-meter kites and one 25-meter big one. So, I wish I had some more intermediate kites, but no. So, I am now using the seven-meter, very small kite. But it's fine."

Lufinha spent a total of 25 days at sea

He hopes to be inducted into the Guinness World Records

for the fastest Atlantic crossing in a kite boat

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