Portuguese kitesurfer attempts Atlantic crossing

This man wants to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a kiteboat

Location: Cascais, Portugal

Kitesurfer Francisco Lufinha will travel on a trimaran

which is powered solely by kites

(SOUNDBITE) (English) FRANCISCO LUFINHA SAYING:"So my motivation to go on the EDP Atlantic Mission is to keep pushing my limits, overcome extreme challenges and merging my sailing skills with kitesurfing skills with the records that I have already done. At the same time, I want to push forward this message of sustainability of the oceans with young kids and also the grown ups."

Lufinha uses 11 kites in total on a rotation basis

He has already completed the first leg of the 3,700-mile journey

One of his biggest concerns is hitting debris in the seas

and collisions could leave his boat in danger of being sunk

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