Portland Police Officers Charge Protesters, Shove Journalist

A journalist reporting from an anti-racism demonstration in Portland, Oregon, on the night of June 13 said he was shoved against a wall by a police officer and hit by a “crowd control munition.”

Zane Sparling of the Portland Tribune captured video of the incident. As a police officer ran towards him, Sparling turned a corner and identified himself as “media.” As the officer charged at him, he told Sparling, “I don’t give a shit.” Sparling said he was injured after the event.

Portland Police declared the protest at the fence surrounding the Justice Center “a civil disturbance” and declared the event an unlawful assembly.

“Criminal activities including throwing food and glass bottles at officers, pointing lasers at officers’ eyes, damaging the security fence, and entering the secure area between the fence and the Justice Center were being committed,” Lt. Tina Jones of the Portland Police said in a video update. “After repeated orders to disperse were ignored, officers began to disperse the crowd.” Credit: Zane Sparling via Storyful