Porsche in talks to use Google software in cars

STORY: Porsche is talking Google about using its apps.

A Reuters source says the luxury car maker may fully integrate the tech giant’s software into its vehicles.

That could let drivers use apps like Google Maps without connecting the car to an Android phone.

Any such move would mark a big change for the brand.

German media reports say Porsche had previously been reluctant to use Google software.

They say it felt the U.S. company asked for too much data to be shared.

Tech firms from Google to Apple and Amazon are in a race to control automakers’ dashboards.

That as software becomes an integral part of car design.

Firms including General Motors, Renault and Ford already use Google systems in their vehicles.

But others such as BMW are reluctant.

It says it’s vital to retain control of the customer’s interface with its vehicles.

Back in October, Porsche said it was talking to various tech firms besides Google.

That included Apple and China’s Tencent.

The contacts followed a move to end cooperation with Volkswagen on software research and development.