Porsche speeds full throttle towards an IPO

STORY: Porsche is speeding towards an IPO, and it will take a lot to stop it.

The company's chief financial officer said Tuesday (September 6) only one thing could make the automaker backtrack.

That was if severe geopolitical problems made the listing's importance fade in comparison.

Volkswagen triggered a share sale for the sportscar brand late on Monday (September 5).

It happened after months of internal debate, but VW said the move was still subject to developments in capital markets.

Some investors criticised the timing for a stock market debut, however.

They are worried about European shares being on a downward spiral, inflation at record highs and Russia stopping gas supply to Europe.

But Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said the listing could be what he called 'an icebreaker'.

He said it could be a positive for capital markets which have few current potential investments