Popular Hong Kong 70s band ‘The Wynners’ reuniting for 50th anniversary concert in Aug

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, May 8 — Popular 70s Hong Kong band The Wynners will be reuniting this August for their 50th anniversary concert.

The news was confirmed by member Kenny Bee, who is the group’s lead vocals and plays the rhythm guitar and keyboards, am730.com reported.

Bee said the concert will be held at Hong Kong Coliseum.

Other members of the group are fellow singer and actor Alan Tam, who is co-lead vocals, Bennett Pang, who plays the lead guitar, Danny Yip on bass and Anthony Chan on drums.

Tast, via Weibo last month had shared the group would be reuniting during the summer holidays.

The group never officially disbanded although members went their separate ways in 1978.

Bee and Tam went on to become two of the most popular stars in Hong Kong during the 80s.

The group would however reunite on stage every five years to sold-out concerts.

They last performed in Malaysia in February, 2020.