This Popular Decor Trick Is Actually Bad Feng Shui (PureWow)
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One of our favorite tricks for making a room feel big & bright? Placing mirrors near natural light sources to create additional "windows." So obviously, we were super surprised to learn that this trick is a big no-no according to feng shui principles.

Yup, according to this ancient Chinese school of thought (which, reminder, examines object placements and their associated energies) you should never, ever be hanging a mirror directly across from a doorway. Why? Because while mirrors bounce around light and make rooms feel bigger, they also reflect light outwards. Meaning that any good energy that comes across your entryway, bedroom door, etc., will immediately get bounced back outside the space. (And nobody wants that, now.)

The good news? This principle, thankfully, does not apply to hanging mirrors directly across from windows. Phew.

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