Popular China TV host Jin Xing criticised for supporting Ukraine in Russian invasion

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Popular China TV host Jin Xing is courting controversy for slamming Russia over the attack on Ukraine. — Picture via Weibo/ 金星
Popular China TV host Jin Xing is courting controversy for slamming Russia over the attack on Ukraine. — Picture via Weibo/ 金星

KUALA LUMPUR, March 7 — One of China’s popular TV hosts, Jin Xing, is courting controversy for openly supporting Ukraine.

The 54-year-old had taken to her Weibo on March 1 to criticise Russia for invading Ukraine, 8 days reported.

In her post, which had since been removed, she alluded that President Vladimir Putin is a “lunatic” and appealed to everyone to “stop the war and pray for peace”.

Jin, who is married to a German, also attached a screenshot of a female CCTV anchor in a yellow shirt and blue blazer, pointing out that the anchor was supporting Ukraine as she’s in “Ukrainian flag colours”.

“Judging from the colours of Miss CCTV’s clothes, she supports Ukraine. Stop the war and pray for peace,” wrote Jin .

The post sparked heated comments among internet users, with many slamming her for associating the anchor’s choice of clothes as supporting Ukraine.

“Jin Xing, are you crazy? Who told you that is CCTV’s stance [on the conflict]?”, wrote one social media user.

“If wearing yellow and blue clothes means support for Ukraine, then does the fact that you married a German mean you support the Nazis?” another social media user wrote.

Other social media users also questioned if Jin had edited the image as a search of the original picture showed the anchor was in a greenish suit.

CCTV later responded to Jin’s post, saying that the female anchor was indeed in a green jacket and yellow shirt, and not Ukrainian flag colours of blue and yellow.

The broadcaster emphasised that it is “guided by party spirit, supports culture, and expresses objectivity”.

While her Weibo post has since been deleted, Jin denied removing it herself but claimed it was blocked by the system.

According to reports, Jin had been banned on Weibo for “violating relevant laws and regulations”.

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