Popular artist dies from injuries in random Louisiana Tech stabbing spree

Lambright Sports and Wellness Center at Louisiana Tech University  (Google Maps)
Lambright Sports and Wellness Center at Louisiana Tech University (Google Maps)

A popular artist has died after she was injured along with three others in a random stabbing spree at Louisiana Tech University.

Annie Richardson succumbed to her injuries on Tuesday evening after being in critical condition following Monday’s attack, the school said. She was stabbed after leaving an exercise class.

The suspect, Louisiana Tech senior Jacoby Johnson, “is now additionally charged with one count of second-degree murder,” the school wrote. He was previously charged with four counts of attempted second-degree murder.

“My prayers are with Annie’s husband Peter, the entire Richardson family, and all who called Annie a friend,” the school’s President Les Guice said. “Our Tech family will feel the pain of this incident for some time but we are fortunate to have such a caring community to rely upon as we grieve together.”

According to her website, Richardson was a Louisiana-based artist and worked in mixed media on canvas.

The violence occurred just after 9am on 13 November at the school’s Lambright Sports and Wellness Center, a Louisiana Tech spokesperson told The Independent.

The suspect was identified as Mr Johnson, a senior at the university. He was apprehended by campus police “without incident,” the university said, and was subsequently charged.

After the aftermath, a school spokesperson said that three of the victims were non-students and one was a graduate student. Two victims were transported to a local hospital, the grad student was airlifted to Shreveport, and the other refused treatment.

Authorities said that Mr Johnson had not been flagged as someone dangerous or potentially dangerous. Louisiana Tech Police Chief Randal Hermes told The Ruston Daily Leader that campus police hadn’t had any previous encounters with the suspect.

“There was no rhyme or reason” for the attack, Mr Hermes added.

Mr Johnson was reportedly detained in February for possession of marijuana, but “nothing that would indicate concerning behavior,” the chief said.

The investigation is still ongoing, police said Tuesday.