Popes, clerics failed to stop disgraced cardinal

A damning and long-anticipated report into the disgraced ex-U.S. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was published by the Catholic Church on Tuesday (November 10) pointing to serious failings by popes, Vatican officials and senior American clergy.

The report, which includes interviews with 90 witnesses, says that repeated rumors of sexual misconduct followed 90-year-old McCarrick during his rise through the ranks of the Catholic Church.

The report even showed the late Pope John Paul II was discouraged by Cardinal John O'Connor in 1999 to promote McCarrick because of these rumors.

During his time as Pope, Benedict XVI also told McCarrick he should withdraw as bishop after it became aware of more allegations.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin is the Vatican's Secretary of State. "We publish the report with sorrow for the wounds that the matters have caused to the victims, their families, the Church in the United States, and the universal Church.”

McCarrick was finally expelled from the priesthood last year after a Vatican investigation found him guilty of sexual crimes against minors and adults and abuse of power.

The report said also that "credible evidence" existed that the former archbishop of Washington, D.C. had abused minors when he was a priest in the 1970s, but did not surface until much later in 2017.