Pope Francis arrives in Quebec

STORY: The Pope's first stop in Québec will be the Citadelle de Québec, the largest British fortress built in North America.

The Citadelle, which sits on the banks of the St Lawrence River, is a historic site and one of the official residences of Canada's governor general, Mary Simon, who is the representative of Queen Elizabeth, the head of state.

There Francis will meet Simon, who is the first indigenous person to serve as governor general. He then holds an official meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who has made reconciliation with Canada's indigenous peoples one of his political priorities.

On Thursday, Francis will visit the Sanctuary of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre, the oldest Catholic pilgrimage site in North America, and meet the archbishop of Québec, Canada's largely French-speaking province, in the Notre-Dame de Quebec Cathedral.

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