Pookie is pregnant! TikTok’s Jett and Campbell Puckett are expecting their first baby

Pookie is pregnant - Campbell and Jett Puckett

Pookie is looking extra fire tonight—and it just might be that pregnancy glow.

Campbell Pucket, the social media influencer you might know better as Pookie on Instagram and TikTok, shot to viral fame for the hilariously campy yet adorable outfit-of-the-day videos she records and posts with her husband, Jett. And now, the couple has some extra exciting news to share: They’re expecting their first baby! They announced the exciting news on their social channels first (obviously), and then confirmed it to new outlets, including sharing some special maternity photos exclusively with People magazine.

“We’ve always dreamed of becoming parents. Jett and I have been together for nine years, married for six, and I’m most excited to see him become a dad—I’ve thought about that since I met him,” Campbell told the outlet. “Our life has been building up to this moment, and we could not be more excited and blessed to bring another life into the world. We’re ready for this next phase in our life and this new purpose as parents.”

Their social media pregnancy announcement includes a sweet video filled with a montage of shots: Campbell and Jett walking together, holding hands, and posing—with Campbell in a white bodycon dress that shows off the very beginnings of a baby bump. There are also some adorable shots of a clothesline with a tiny onesie hanging on it. Of course they got their baby’s first #OOTD in the video.

In one shot, Jett draws a heart on Campbell’s stomach with his fingers before they share a kiss. There’s even a clip of a sonogram printout, giving fans their first glimpse of the new arrival. But through it all, these two just look so happy and in love. And Pookie is, indeed, looking absolutely fire.

We can’t wait to see this next phase of life for these two—and we’re also excited to see plenty of cute maternity outfit videos over the coming months, because you know that Pookie is already stocking up her closet. Congratulations to Campbell and Jett!