Poodle shows his teeth on command at toothbrushing time

Everyone knows that good dental hygiene is key to maintaining good health in your pets. This senior poodle has been getting his teeth brushed since he was a young pup so he knows the drill. As soon as he sees that toothbrush headed in his direction that upper lip curls up to display his teeth in preparation for brushing. His favorite toothpaste has a beef flavor that he really enjoys. It looks pretty amusing and his veterinarian got a good laugh when I showed her how he displays his teeth right on cue when he sees the toothbrush. Studies have shown that poor dental hygiene in dogs can lead to infection that can even affect the kidneys and heart so it's crucial that you maintain your dogs teeth and get regular cleanings with your vet when applicable. Do you brush your dogs teeth on a regular basis? We would love to hear your comments below and please share this clip with your friends.