Poodle dead after being hit on head and hung on balcony railing, police report filed against domestic helper: SPCA

The owner believed the poodle had died of natural causes, until damage to its skull was discovered post-cremation and he viewed the CCTV footage.

Screen grab of CCTV footage of domestic helper hitting poodle with hand (left) and poodle left to hang on balcony railing
Screen grab of CCTV footage of domestic helper hitting poodle with hand (left) and poodle left to hang on balcony railing (Photos: Tan Derrick/Facebook)

SINGAPORE — A pet poodle died after it was allegedly hit by a domestic helper and hung on a balcony railing, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) said via social media posts on Tuesday (27 February).

A Facebook video with CCTV footage of the alleged animal abuse first surfaced on Monday night (26 February). It was posted by the dog owner's friend, with three videos attached in the post.

The first video showed the domestic helper allegedly beating the dog's head with a roll of paper, while the second video showed the helper taking the dog's neck in her left hand and beating it with her right hand. She later held the dog to the ground, before beating it further with her hand and the roll of paper.

The third and final video showed the dog's body hanging on the balcony railing, as the helper is seen allegedly spraying water over the balcony, before filling a pail with water.

Owner thought poodle had died of natural causes

The poodle's owner, Jason (not his real name), first learnt of his dog's death through his girlfriend.

According to the SPCA, she had been told by the helper that the dog had died while she was sleeping. Believing the poodle died from natural causes, the couple proceeded to cremate the dog.

Post-cremation, Jason wanted to "relive" his dog's last moments, and also had concerns about the damage to the dog's skull that had been discovered.

It was after viewing the CCTV footage that he saw what had allegedly taken place.

The SPCA said it had been alerted to the case and is actively gathering evidence. It advised Jason to file a police report against the helper, and report the case to the Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS). The authorities have been contacted and investigations are underway.

What's the punishment for animal cruelty in Singapore?

Animal cruelty is illegal in Singapore, and offenders can face both fines and jail. First-time offenders can be fined up to $15,000, imprisoned for up to 18 months, or both. For subsequent offences, offenders may face a fine up to $30,000, a jail term of up to 3 years, or both.

All pet owners are urged by the SPCA to remain proactive and cautious in ensuring the safety and well-being of their pets, especially those who entrust the care of their pets to someone else.

Yahoo Southeast Asia has reached out to the SPCA and AVS for further details on the case.

Singapore saw a surge in dog abuse cases last year, with 69 reported incidents.

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