A Pontianak musical Is coming to Kuala Lumpur

We love all things horror at Coconuts KL – which is why a Pontianak musical is definitely something we’d want to see.

Melur The Musical is directed and written by Shafeeq Shajahan and will star famous performing artists like Tria Aziz, three-time BOH Cameronian recipient, Mila Mohsin, daughter to the famous Tiara Jacquelina from Puteri Gunung Ledang and Kai Chalmers from Ola Bola and Anwar Rusdini.

Set in colonial Malaya, Melur The Musical depicts the spell-binding story of two women, Melur and Cempaka, as they navigate British rule.

Things take a cruel turn when Cempaka’s husband, the British High Commissioner, commits a murderous crime and the characters experience the wrath of a supernatural creature – the bloodthirsty Pontianak determined for revenge.

The musical is set to take place from Feb. 16 until 26 at the Petaling Jaya Performing Arts Centre.

This musical will be brought to life by Liver & Lung, the award-winning musical theatre company behind Sepet The Musical. 

Melur The Musical will feature original music and lyrics, inspired by traditional Malay folk songs and horror influences across generations.

Shafeeq will compose the musical with frequent collaborators: Badrish, co-composer of Sepet The Musical, and Cypriot musician and pianist, Vasilis Konstantinides. The musical will be produced by Su En Hoh.

Grab your tickets here!


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