Pompeo seizes on Wall Street Journal’s reporting of Biden’s declining mental acuity

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo weighed in on President Biden’s metal acuity and age Wednesday, after a report raised questions about Biden’s capabilities, noting that he takes no joy in saying the president isn’t capable of doing his job effectively.

Pompeo spoke with Fox News on Wednesday to discuss the report, published by The Wall Street Journal, that is based on interviews with people who work behind closed doors with Biden.

“These aren’t just private conversations where we can see that President Biden is no longer up to the task of being the commander in chief and keeping America secure, but we … see this in the public speaking that he does as well. He can’t follow a teleprompter — like, basic skill sets that every leader of the free world needs to have,” Pompeo said.

“We can see it in how he interacts with people. These moments that just look like he’s getting older and that his faculties are not all with him,” he continued. “I’m counting on our commander in chief of have the skill set, the mental acuity to actually deliver for America, and I think we can all see with our own eyes — we don’t have to rely on The Wall Street Journal or anybody else to see that there is this real risk.”

The Trump-era secretary of State warned that Biden’s abilities send a message both to America’s allies and adversaries.

“I’ve been traveling a bunch these last few weeks, all over the world. Leaders across the world can see this as well. They can see that when they interact with President Biden, that he is not able to follow through line of the conversation entirely,” he said.

Pompeo warned that Biden’s mental state poses an “enormous risk” for the U.S. in regard to China, North Korea, Russia and Hamas in Gaza. Each of the foreign adversaries may be thinking that this is the right moment to press their advantage against America, he said.

“Not only will our allies see this, and I’m sure many of them have seen it already, but our adversaries can sense it as well,” Pompeo said.

White House officials and Biden’s allies have blasted the report, pointing out comments from Republicans complimenting Biden’s mental sharpness.

The Wall Street Journal report is the latest piece to raise questions about Biden’s age, which remains a top concern for voters heading into November’s election. The 81-year-old president would be 86 at the end of another term, and is nearly four years older than former President Trump, his likely opponent.

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