‘Politics does not have to be a slog’: ‘Pod Save America’ hosts pen how-to guide on getting involved

The hosts behind “Pod Save America” are setting their sights on saving democracy, with a new how-to guide on becoming politically engaged.

“Democracy or Else: How to Save America in 10 Easy Steps,” Tommy Vietor said, is for “a person who wants to get more involved in politics, is concerned about the state of the country or democracy and doesn’t know how.”

“We will walk you through a series of steps from the easiest, lightest lift, to how to get good information, to voting, to donating, to volunteering,” said Vietor, who co-hosts “Pod Save America” along with fellow former Obama staffers Jon Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer and Jon Lovett.

“The goal is to just sort of put all this helpful information in one place, but do it in a way that it’s fun and funny and reminds people that politics does not have to be a slog, even if sometimes it can feel like it.”

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Asked what he would say to Americans who might not have time to knock on doors or organize events, the 43-year-old ex-Obama administration spokesperson said, “It’s not an all or nothing proposition. If you have an hour a month you can give, that’ll add up.”

“It can be as simple as thinking about friends you know who live in swing states for the presidential campaign or in states where they’re contested congressional or governor’s races and encouraging them to get involved, talking to people about issues,” Vietor, who penned the book released Tuesday with his co-hosts and writer Josh Halloway, said.

Vietor said the “or else” in the title is more tongue-in-cheek than a scare tactic to propel voters into action, but the critic of former President Trump described the stakes in the November White House race as “so high” with margins “so slim.”

As it stands right ahead of Thursday’s first presidential debate between the two candidates in Atlanta, Vietor said, President Biden has a “50/50” shot.

“The last election basically boiled down to Joe Biden getting about 40,000 more votes than Donald Trump in some key states, and I imagine it’s going to be the same this time around,” he said.

Rather than prognosticating, Vietor said the debate for him is “less predictions than anxiety.”

“But I’m excited to watch to see if [CNN’s co-moderator] Jake Tapper brings like a shock collar or however they’re going to keep these candidates in line,” he quipped.

Proceeds from the sale of “Democracy or Else” go to Vote Save America, a hybrid political action committee focused on progressive political fundraising and created by the “Pod Save America” host’s company, Crooked Media.

The Trump era, said Vietor, who just welcomed a son six weeks ago with wife Hanna, felt “sort of negative, and nasty and demoralizing.”

“What we want to remind people is that getting involved in politics can be fun and hopeful, and it really, really matters — and that they should consider doing it.”

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