Politicians, world leaders react to French leftists' victory in blocking the far right

French politicians and world leaders reacted to the results of parliamentary elections on Sunday after a coalition of the French left that quickly banded together to beat a surging far right won the most seats in parliament but not a majority. Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said he was "happy" and called the result a "disappointment" for Moscow.

The country was on course for a hung parliament with the New Popular Front, a broad leftist coalition, on track to win the most seats, ahead of President Emmanuel Macron's centrist Ensemble (Together) coalition and the far-right National Rally.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk

"In Paris enthusiasm, in Moscow disappointment, in Kyiv relief. Enough to be happy in Warsaw."

Paolo Gentiloni, European commissioner for economy

"Vive la Republique!"

Nils Schmid, German MP and foreign policy spokesperson for the Spd party

"The worst is avoided, the RN cannot form a governing majority."

"The president is politically weakened, even if he retains a central role in view of the unclear majority situation. Forming a government will be complicated."

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal

"Tonight, the [political] extremes have no absolute majority, thanks to our determination and the strength of our values. We (centrists) have three times more MPs than were predicted at the start of this campaign."

"The tide is rising. It did not rise high enough this time, but it continues to rise and, therefore, our victory is only delayed."

(FRANCE 24 with Reuters)

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