A politician and a busted lockdown sex party

More details are emerging about a conservative Hungarian politician, who was caught by police trying to flee a gay sex party in Brussels, by clambering down a gutter.

... a sex party that was illegal and busted because it broke coronavirus lockdown rules.

Jozsef Szajer was Prime Minister Viktor Orban's strongest voice in the European Union's parliament. Szajer has now resigned from the ruling party in what’s been called a huge embarrassment to Hungary's right-wing nationalist government.

Reuters met the party's organizer, David Manzheley:

"It's nothing unusual, we have Christmas coming. People are basically thirsty for meetings."

"And it's absolutely normal that guys, especially in the gay community, are going to be searching for the solutions to meet."

Hungary's ruling party campaigns against the LGBT community, espousing what it calls traditional Christian values, and Manzheley says had never seen Szajer at one of his parties before... which can sometimes run up to a hundred people, although this one only had about 30.

Szajer has also denied taking ecstasy pills at the party. The police report doesn't specifically name the politician but lists a man of the same age, with his initials, as being detained with narcotics in a backpack.

Prime Minister Orban told local media that the scandal was “indefensible” and that the resignation of Szajer was the only appropriate decision.

Reuters has not been able to reach Szajer for comment.