Political Declaration Adopted by UN to Accelerate Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations (UN) adopted a political declaration “to accelerate action” to realize its Sustainable Development Goals during a high-level forum at UN headquarters in New York, New York, on Monday, September 18.

The 17 goals, each containing targets and plans of action, were adopted in 2015 and include eliminating hunger and poverty, fostering sustainable consumption, mitigating climate change, and achieving gender equality, among others.

According to the UN, only 15 percent of the goals were on track and “many” are actually regressing.

Monday’s declaration was adopted in hopes of expediting progress on achieving each of the goals, the UN said. Credit: United Nations via Storyful

Video transcript

- The forum shall now proceed to consider draft resolution A/HLPF/2023/L1. The forum will now take a decision on draft resolution A/HLPF/2023/L1 entitled Political Declaration of the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development convened under the auspices of the General Assembly.

May I take it that the forum wishes to adopt the draft political declaration contained in document A/HLPF/2023/L1, which pursuant to General Assembly resolution 67.290 I will then submit for the formal consideration of the Assembly. I hear no objection. The draft political declaration is adopted.