Polish prime minister says energy supply secure

STORY: Speaking during a visit to Berlin, Morawiecki said: “Poland had previously prepared to diversify gas supplies and to obtain gas from various directions, and even before the Baltic Gas Pipeline is launched, we will be able to protect our economy, protect households and Poles against such a dramatic step by Russia.”

He added that the country’s gas storage facilities were 76% full.

Russian energy firm Gazprom said on Wednesday it had halted gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland for failing to pay for gas in roubles, the Kremlin's toughest retaliation yet to international sanctions over the war in Ukraine.

Poland confirmed that supplies had been cut, while Bulgaria said it would find out soon. Both accused Gazprom of breaching longstanding supply contracts.

Poland's energy supplies are secure, Poland's climate minister Anna Moskwa said on Tuesday, adding that there was no need to draw from gas reserves and that gas to consumers would not be cut.

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