Polish fire station opens its doors for migrants

As migrants on the Polish-Belarus border face cold and hunger, people in the eastern Polish town of Michalowo have decided to help.

Setting up this center in a fire station where migrants can come for warmth, something to eat and drink.

Donations of food and other supplies are flooding in from around Poland and from abroad, said one person working there.

Two people have so far taken shelter - an Iraqi and a Syrian.

As well as a roof over migrants' heads, the center provides supplies to organizations helping those stuck on the border.

Another center has been set up at a local school by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

Urszula Dragan is a member of the Families Without Borders Initiative.

"I believe it has a very deep symbolic dimension because it shows that this place is friendly for migrants, that this place and the people who live here want to help. They are kind and are able to show it."

Most of the migrants who are trying to enter Poland and the European Union remain trapped between Belarusian and Polish security services, enduring freezing weather in makeshift border camps.

At least seven have died in the months-long crisis, Poland says, and others say they fear for their lives.

Critics say the Polish government is treating migrants inhumanely and not letting them apply for international protection.

Warsaw says the migrants are Belarus' responsibility as they are legally on its territory, and that offers of humanitarian aid have been refused.

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