Polish city offers livestream of all lockdown weddings

A polish city is making weddings more special

by offering a livestream for all newlyweds

Location: Gdynia, Poland

The bride and groom can share the video link with their loved ones

(BRIDE, VIRA DUDA, SAYING):"It's not just you will spread the word and say oh yeah, we get married - of course, everybody will be happy for you. But this moment I just imagine when they will sit in front of their screen and they'll really understand that right now it's online it's not recorded, that right now we pronounce those words that 'I do', 'I do' and I think it's like, you know, goosebumps on their skin. I think they'll get this feeling. So, it's like energy sending back to us so we'll really be excited at that moment."

(GROOM, JAKUB DUDA, SAYING):"My parents will watch it in front of the building of the marriage department, aunts they will watch it in Poland, also the other aunt will watch it in Iceland."