Polish Buzz Titles at Berlin Film Festival


Director: Vita Maria Drygas

Producer: Vita Żelakeviciute

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Production companies: Drygas Film Production

Sales: Dogwoof

Documentary is a journey to places devastated by military conflicts, seen through the eyes of thrill-seeking tourists.


(Generation 14plus)

Director: Asaf Saban

Cast: Yoav Bavly, Neomi Harari, Leib Lev Levin, Ezra Dagan, Alma Dishy

Producers: Agnieszka Dziedzic, Yoav Roeh, Aurit Zamir, Roshanak Behesht Nedjad

Production companies: Koi Studio, Gum Films, In Good Co.

Sales: New Europe Film Sales

Three Israeli friends visit Holocaust sites in Poland before their stints in the army, and deal with love, friendship and politics.



Director: Giacomo Abbruzzese

Cast: Franz Rogowski, Morr Ndiaye, Laëtitia Ky, Leon Lučev

Producers: Lionel Massol, Pauline Seigland

Production companies: Films Grand Huit, Dugong Films, Panache Productions, La Compagnie Cinématographique, Donten & Lacroix, Division

Sales: Charades

Aleksei reaches Paris to enlist in the French Foreign Legion, which allows any foreigner, even undocumented, to be granted a French passport.


Director: Jan Holoubek

Cast: Jakub Gierszał, Tomasz Schuchardt, Emily Kusche, Nathalie Richard, Joachim Raaf

Producers: Anna Waśniewska-Gill

Production company: TVN Warner Bros. Discovery

Suspense-filled thriller about a communist intelligence officer, inspired by a true story, depicts how politics can devastate ordinary lives.




Director: Piotr Pawlus, Tomasz Wolski

Producer: Anna Gawlita

Production companies: Kijora Film, Indi Film

Two filmmakers journey deep into the shelled-out state, in the hope of capturing “the new normal” of the Ukrainian people.



Director: Sebastian Mihăilescu

Cast: István Téglás, Mălina Manovici, Denisa Nicolae, Steliana Bălăcianu

Producers: Diana Păroiu, Ada Solomon

Production companies: MicroFilm, Extreme Emotions, Pandora Film

Sales: Lights On

Camil embarks on a dreamlike trip. Struggling to come to terms with losing control, he starts to question his identity as a man.


Director: Dorota Welchman, Hugh Welchman

Cast: Kamila Urzędowska, Robert Gulaczyk, Mirosław Baka, Andrzej Konopka

Producers: Sean Bobbitt, Hugh Welchman

Production company: Chłopi

Sales: New Europe Film Sales

New film from the “Loving Vincent” team, based on the Nobel Prize-winning novel, depicts a 19th-century village torn by passion and jealousy.


Director: Klaudiusz Chrostowski

Cast: Jakub Gierszał

Producers: Beata Rzeźniczek, Klaudia Śmieja-Rostworowska, Klaudiusz Chrostowski, Jakub Gierszał

Production companies: Madants

Bartek embarks on a journey to Britain’s most isolated island of Foula. Hard work and icy winds put him to the test, but he also gets to confront his past.




Director: Alisa Kovalenko

Producers: Valery Kalmykov, Oleksiy Kobelev, Yana Kalmykova

Production companies: Trueman Production, East Roads Films, Haka Films

Five Ukrainian teenagers, trapped in the war zone in Donbas, dream of freedom. One day, they are offered an opportunity to climb the Himalayas.

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