Police Warn of Road Closure for 'World's Shortest and Smallest St Patrick's Day Parade' in Missouri

Police in Blue Springs, Missouri, warned their community of road closures due to “The World’s Shortest and Smallest St. Patrick’s Day Parade” across Main Street on Friday, March 17.

“Main Street will be closed between NW 12th Street and NW 11th Street between 9:00am and 9:01am or however long it takes Pat, Jim, and Marty to cross 66 feet between the old Lowe Drug Store and The Keg, while carrying an ice cream float,” Blue Springs Police Department said on Facebook.

Footage shared by the City of Blue Springs, Missouri, shows the 46th self-proclaimed “World’s Shortest and Smallest St Patrick’s Day Parade” on Friday.

Storyful has not verified the City of Blue Spring’s claim to the record of world’s shortest St Patrick’s Day parade. The title is also claimed by a separate event in Arkansas. Credit: City of Blue Springs, Missouri via Storyful