Police Say Two People Killed in Chattanooga Shooting

Police in Chattanooga, Tennessee, said two people were killed in a shooting incident on the night of October 30-31.

Chattanooga Police Chief Celeste Murphy told local media police had responded to a shots fired call at the 6000 block of Shallowford Road off Highway 153.

Murphy said there were two scenes connected to the incident. She said there was no longer a threat to the public. Credit: Chattanooga Police via Storyful

Video transcript

CELESTE MURPHY: We responded to a shots fired call. 600, 6,000 block of Shallowford Road. Right now, what I can confirm for you is that there are two deceased, gunshot wound injuries. And right now, the situation is contained. There's no further threat to the public. We have one scene here. And we also have one scene on Hixon Pike southbound lanes. Both these areas are going to be shut down for a couple of hours for traffic. And we'll continue to give you guys updates on traffic and any further details. But right now, that's all that we can give you.

- Is there any information at this time as to how [INAUDIBLE]?

CELESTE MURPHY: Right now, all we know is we have two people shot, and the investigation is still ongoing.

- At the scene that's up in Hixon, did you say there's a person deceased [INAUDIBLE]?

CELESTE MURPHY: There's a person deceased there. We're right now working to determine the circumstances of that. But yes, it is indeed connected to this incident.

- And that vehicle is inside the building [INAUDIBLE]?


- The car is inside the building on [INAUDIBLE]?

CELESTE MURPHY: Yes. That's correct.

- Has the family been contacted about the individual [INAUDIBLE]?

CELESTE MURPHY: No sir. No sir. Right now, we're working on it. We have some witnesses that we are talking to. And right now, there's just not a lot of information that we can give out right now.

- This all occurred inside the post office here?

CELESTE MURPHY: We're still searching the incident scene, the crime scene, to determine exactly where everything happened, and how it happened.

- Do you know the affiliation of any of the deceased?

CELESTE MURPHY: Not yet. We're still working on that. It's too early to really confirm that right now. That's it? All right. Well, thank you.

- Appreciate it.