Police and Security Guards Monitor Sydney Supermarkets During Panic-Buying Rush

New South Wales Police stepped up security in and around supermarkets on March 19 as widespread panic-buying flared into violence in several outlets.

Police told local media that they were “making a concerted effort to ensure the security of shoppers and retail staff across the state” during the coronavirus outbreak.

One man in northern New South Wales was due in court on the Thursday after he allegedly rammed two elderly women with a shopping trolley and punched a 45-year-old supermarket worker in the face when he could not find items he wanted to buy.

In this video, a long line of customers can be seen waiting outside a Coles outlet in the World Square shopping centre in Sydney’s city centre on March 19. A security officer can be seen at the entrance to the supermarket while police also patrolled the area.

As of the Thursday morning, there were just under 600 confirmed cases of COVID-19 across Australia, according to reports. Six people had died as a result of the virus. Credit: BellesWorlds via Storyful