Police Search for Suspects in Ram Raid on Burbank Store

Police in Burbank, California, are searching for a group of at least 10 people who were caught on surveillance cameras ramming a truck into a high-end store before making off with up to $90,000 worth of products early on Thursday, May 11.

Footage from the Magnolia Park store in Burbank shows the suspects arriving on scene at around 1:12 am on Thursday, May 11.

After several attempts to reverse a truck into the front of the store, during which a tree and concrete bench were damaged, several people can be seen entering the store and emerging with stolen goods.

Magnolia Park told Storyful that the burglars had made off with $70,000-90,000 worth of products.

Burbank police told local media that several vehicles were used in the burglary.

The force recovered the pick-up truck seen in the footage, which was stolen in Los Angeles, they said.

Police also said the incident at Magnolia Park could be linked to an attempted burglary at F22 Studios, also in Burbank, on Wednesday. Credit: @themagpark via Storyful

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