Police Rescue Father and Son Clinging to Cooler in Boston Harbor

Officers rescued a father and son from the water after their boat sank near Boston, Massachusetts, on Wednesday, August 24, according to the Boston Police Department.

Video provided the the Boston Police Department, which is timestamped as being filmed on Wednesday, shows the rescue in the Boston harbor. In the footage, the father and son clung to a cooler as they struggled to stay afloat. The department said that the officers arrived to find only a small portion of the boat’s bow was above water.

The two men were treated by emergency medical services, police said. Credit: Boston Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript

- Straight ahead.

- Yeah.

- [? Straight in ?] the wind. I'm gonna get portside.

- Garrett!

- Yeah?

- You want to pull them up the bow?

- Sure.

- What do you think's easier?

- Yeah. I'll nose you up.

- Go.


- Hang on. Hang on.


- All right. Go. Go! Hey, back it-- whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Back it up. Back it up.


There we go.

- We're so weak. I can't even--

- All right.


- Help him up, please. Help him up.


There you go.


- Give me your other hand.

- All right. Just give him the other hand. Let your leg-- let your leg go. Let your leg go.

- On three. One, two, three.


- No. Oh

- You got it. You got it. Thatta boy.

- I'm 76 years old.

- All right. Take your time.

- Take your time. You're good. You're good.

- My man, hold on to that bottle.

- I got you.

[INTERPOSING VOICES] I'm gonna go up more.

- And he will crawl up. Crawl up.


- I got a little sprain. Oh. Take your time, you're good.

- Take your time. Take your time.

- Is it just you two, is there anybody else?

- OK.


- You all right?

- Thank you. We seen a few boats go by. We hit some rocks over there [? in the corner. ?]

- What hurts? You all right?



- Please. Is this your son?

- Yeah. Please. I can't hold on much longer.

- All right. All right. I got you here, all right?

- All right. Hold on, let me get a better grip.


- You're in. You're in.

- Just two, right? You guys Yes. Just us-- it's just us. [MAN STRAINING]

- Come on in, all right?

- Pack it up. Yep.


- I'm going to shoot down there and have EMS look at him, all right?

- Sounds fair enough.

- No one else is on the boat, right?

- No, sir.

- Come on in, grab a seat. We're going to have EMS come look at them.




- [INAUDIBLE] Could you have EMS meet us for an evaluation at [INAUDIBLE]?