Police Pay Heartwarming Visit to Family's Home After Son With Special Needs Calls 911

Police in Arlington, Texas, posted footage showing a heartwarming encounter between two officers and a young man with special needs who accidentally dialled 911.

Footage shared by the Arlington Police Department on January 28 shows Officers Silva and Gill calling out to the family’s home after receiving a hang-up call linked to the address.

The residents had no idea that a call had been made from their house, but quickly realize that it must have been their son who made the call by accident, and bring him out to apologize.

Officers Silva and Gill then say hello to the young man, and explain to him why he shouldn’t call 911 unless there is an emergency.

The officers then returned the following evening to gift the boy with some Arlington Police Department swag.

A screenshot, said to be from the boy’s family, shared by the police department details that Silva and Gill quickly assured them that there was not another call from the home, and that they came by to give their son some police badge stickers and to say hello. Credit: Arlington Police Department via Storyful