Police Officers rescue kitten trapped in storm drain

A concerned citizen contacted MCSO after hearing meowing coming from a storm drain. Deputies Kaskiw, Sprague and Williams responded to the 700 block of 17th Street East in Palmetto, and working together, devised a plan to rescue the five week old kitten. The deputies lifted away an iron grate large enough to allow Deputy Sprague to slide into the drain feet first. The kitten was several feet away and treading water. Deputy Sprague created sounds to lure the kitten in his direction. Attracted to the noises, the kitten swam towards Deputy Sprague, and once close enough, he plucked the wet, cold, and shivering calico kitten out of the water. This purr-fect ending was achieved through determination and teamwork, and the rescue was captured on #AxonBodyCam. Video credit Manatee County Sheriff's Office

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