Police Officers Hand Out Toilet Paper at Sydney Supermarket Amid Coronavirus Panic Buying

Police officers distributed toilet paper and paper towels at a Sydney supermarket on March 19, in a bid to calm coronavirus-related panic buying.

Rache23 posted a video to Twitter from a Woolworths in Prospect in Sydney’s west. She reported that while the atmosphere was a bit frantic, having the police present eased tensions.

“It was calmer and it was orderly. The staff were on the lookout for people who circumvent the 2 items per person rule,” rache23 told Storyful.

Scenes of people rushing to stock up on basic items such as toilet paper have been seen across the country since March 3.

Australia’s major supermarkets have clamped down on the number of particular items individuals can purchase at a time to prevent hoarding.

The country had 454 confirmed cases of coronavirus on March 18, according to the Australian Government. Credit: rache23 via Storyful