Police Officers Drag Wounded Colleague Under Barrage of Debris in Paris Protest

At least 19 police officers were reportedly injured as they were targeted with projectiles following a demonstration in Paris, France, on June 16 for healthcare workers.

This video shows on police officer crawling on the ground as they and others are targeted with a barrage of projectiles. Several officers swarm around the downed officer and drag them away. Nicolas Mercier, who filmed the video, said the group of officers was isolated and attacked by the crowd, and one of their number was injured in the process.

Police blamed violent anarchist groups for the violence, retweeting a claim by a doctor who said the troublemakers were not a part of the healthcare protest.

Healthcare workers were calling for government action on pay and hospital bed numbers, according to reports. Credit: HORS-ZONE Press/Nicolas Mercier via Storyful