Police officers dig hole in snow to shelter from blizzard in northwest China

Police officers dug a hole in the snow to avoid a raging blizzard in northwest China. The video, filmed in the county of Hejing in Xinjiang Province on February 12, shows two police officers taking shelter in the snow while waiting for their colleagues to pick them up. According to reports, the two police officers worked for five hours to rescue people and vehicles trapped on the snow-covered road. After all the trapped people were saved and the police officers were waiting for their colleagues to pick them up, the wind speed reached 38.5 mph to 46 mph and the temperature reached minus 30 degrees Celsius. Since the police officers had no place to hide, they dug a hole into a two-metre-high snow wall piled up by a snowblower, and stayed inside to keep warm. The video was provided by local media with permission.