Police Officers in Brooklyn Help Graduate Celebrate His Virtual Commencement Ceremony

When a recent graduate in Brooklyn, New York, was forced to have a virtual commencement ceremony due to COVID-19 guidelines, two New York City police officers stepped in to help him celebrate as he posed for a photo his cap and grown on May 5.

The video shows the officers playing graduation music and cheering as Long Island University graduate Pascal Michel proudly walked the streets of his Flatbush neighborhood in his cap and grown.

Michel told Storyful he recently graduated with an MBA in Entrepreneurship and his ceremony was due to be held on May 20, but in light of COVID-19 restrictions, the university decided to hold a virtual ceremony for the students. He and his fellow graduates were asked to submit a photo to play at the ceremony.

Michel was posing for pictures to give to his mother as a way of thanking her for purchasing his cap and gown when a police cruiser drove by.

“The police pulled up to congratulate me and my heart dropped at first because it’s the police. They said congrats and drove away. They pulled back up on the other end of the street and played some graduations music,” said Michel. “I panicked [at] the moment and put my hat on backward. It was a really nice gesture and nice to see some positivity from the NYPD,” he added. Credit: Pascal Michel via Storyful