Police Officer Rescues Deer Found Lying on Roadside

A police officer rescued a deer found lying on a roadside in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, on August 1.

Jeffrey Simpkins, who shot this footage, told Storyful he was headed to his parents’ for dinner when he stumbled across the critter. After seeing it was still breathing, he called 911.

“Officer Butchko from the Mount Laurel police responded to the call,” Simpkins said. “This officer is definitely an animal lover and called an emergency contact at the Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge.”

In the video, Butchko lifts the deer from the road and carries it to his car, where he carefully lays it down on the back seat and secures it with a seatbelt.

“I am extremely happy to say about an hour after Officer Butchko transported the deer safely, he contacted me and informed me that the deer is already showing improvement and was more active at the refuge,” Simpkins said. Credit: Jeffrey Simpkins via Storyful

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