Police Officer Hospitalized and Several People Arrested During Protest in Providence Over Scooter Crash

A police officer was transported to hospital and multiple people were arrested as hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Providence, Rhode Island, on October 20, reports said.

Protesters were calling for justice for Jhamal Gonsalves who was injured in a moped crash involving a police cruiser as officers escorted a group of ATV and dirt bike riders from the city on October 18.

The 24-year-old remained in a coma at a Rhode Island hospital by October 20, according to local reports.

This footage, posted to Instagram, shows protesters on the streets of Providence late on October 20.

Police said they were unsure if the cruiser hit Gonsalves. A protest organizer told NBC 10 that they wanted an independent investigation into the crash. Credit: @jf401_ via Storyful