Police Officer Gives Boy With Leukemia's Pet Rooster New Home After Bird Sparks Complaints

A police officer in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, stepped in to help a boy with leukemia whose rooster was responsible for numerous noise complaints, footage posted on October 28 shows.

Six-year-old Yeprad, who has stage-four leukemia, was given Jackson the rooster as a present by his aunt. However, the boy was later given 10 days to rehome the pet due to its crowing.

Probationary Constable Frankie visited the boy’s home in response to one of the complaints, and had the idea to look after the rooster himself.

New South Wales Police posted this video showing the moment Frankie came to collect his farm’s newest resident, with the caption “Cock-a-doodle-PHEW.”

Yeprad, who was dressed up for the occasion in a police officer costume, was told that he can visit Jackson any time he would like. Credit: New South Wales Police via Storyful

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